Work with a team that always puts your goals first

We keep our process simple and your best interest in mind at all times.

“Tyler did an awesome job. He was able to beat the lending rate of the builder and handled everything quickly and professionally.”

Annah M.


“We believe in building more than just homes; we’re here to build lasting relationships. With over a decade of experience under our belt, we understand that every home purchase or refinance tells the story of someone’s life and dreams. ”

Tyler Arnaiz

Mortgage Broker

Our mission

Our mission is rooted in the principle of “Relationships over transactions.” This means we’re committed to providing personalized, transparent, and expert advice to help you navigate the complexities of the mortgage process with confidence.

Our goal is simple: to offer you such an outstanding experience that we become your go-to mortgage experts for life.

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Our commitment to you

At Arnaiz Mortgage, your trust is our foundation. We promise to guide you through your mortgage journey with honesty, clarity, and expertise.

From fast, custom digital quotes to a seamless loan application and approval process, we ensure your time and money are invested wisely. 

Why work with us?

Your dedicated mortgage expert.


We offer clear, honest communication at every step, ensuring you're always in the know.


We build strong, lasting relationships based on reliability and integrity.


We empower every client to feel supported and confident in their home-buying journey.


We believe in always doing right by our clients, with ethical advice and actions.

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asked questions

Find useful answers and information about the mortgage process and the services we offer.

  • What makes Arnaiz Mortgage different?

    Our personal touch, range of options, and commitment to help you achieve your financial goals with ease and confidence.

  • How do I start the loan process?

    Begin with our simple online application to get pre-approved quickly or schedule a call with us if you want more information.

  • Can I refinance my current mortgage?

    Absolutely! We’ll help you navigate the best options for refinancing and find a solution that meets your unique situation.

  • What if I'm a first-time homebuyer?

    Then you’re in the right place! We specialize in guiding first-time buyers through the mortgage process with ease.

  • How fast can I close on a home?

     The closing time varies from one loan type to another, but with our efficient process, we can help you close within 30 days or less. 

  • How can I get the most competitive rate?

    We compare multiple lenders to find you the most competitive rates.