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Unlock your home’s equity

Considering a big renovation, debt consolidation, or investing in another property? A cash-out refinance might be the solution.

By refinancing your mortgage for more than you owe, you can receive the difference in cash. This option allows you to tap into your home’s equity while potentially securing a lower interest rate than other forms of borrowing.

Our team will guide you through the process, ensuring you understand the implications and benefits of leveraging your home’s equity.

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Refinanced October 2023

Reduce your monthly expenses

If you’re feeling the pinch of high monthly mortgage payments, a refinance could be the answer. By refinancing to a lower interest rate or extending your loan term, you can significantly reduce your monthly payment. This option is ideal for those looking to improve their cash flow or reallocate funds to other financial priorities.

Our team will assess your situation and help you explore the best options to achieve your goals.

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Refinanced October 2023

Pay off your mortgage sooner

Dreaming of a mortgage-free future? Shortening your loan term through a refinance can make it a reality. By refinancing to a shorter term, such as switching from a 30-year to a 15-year mortgage, you can save thousands in interest over the life of the loan while building equity at a faster pace. While this option may increase your monthly payment, it offers long-term financial security and the freedom of homeownership without debt.

Our team will guide you through the process, ensuring you understand the benefits and implications of a shorter loan term.

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Refinanced October 2023

The benefits of refinancing with us

Tailored solutions for your needs

Get personalized refinance solutions designed to meet your unique financial goals. Whether you want to invest, consolidate debt, or get cash for home improvements, we’ve got you covered.

Competitive rates and savings

Leverage our competitive rates and expert guidance to secure a lower interest rate and monthly payment. Get more financial flexibility by unlocking more savings over the life of your loan.

Become debt-free faster

Get closer to the finish line with our refinancing options that help you take control of your financial future. Repay your loan faster and enjoy the benefits of homeownership sooner than you thought possible.

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asked questions

Find useful answers and information about the mortgage process and the services we offer.

  • What makes Arnaiz Mortgage different?

    Our personal touch, range of options, and commitment to help you achieve your financial goals with ease and confidence.

  • How do I start the loan process?

    Begin with our simple online application to get pre-approved quickly or schedule a call with us if you want more information.

  • Can I refinance my current mortgage?

    Absolutely! We’ll help you navigate the best options for refinancing and find a solution that meets your unique situation.

  • What if I'm a first-time homebuyer?

    Then you’re in the right place! We specialize in guiding first-time buyers through the mortgage process with ease.

  • How fast can I close on a home?

     The closing time varies from one loan type to another, but with our efficient process, we can help you close within 30 days or less. 

  • How can I get the most competitive rate?

    We compare multiple lenders to find you the most competitive rates.