Bank Statement Loans

Simplify your home financing with a self-employment-friendly loan and a quick approval process.
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  • Qualify based on bank statements rather than traditional income documentation.
  • Ideal for self-employed individuals with variable income or non-traditional employment.
  • Use personal or business bank statements to demonstrate income and qualify for a mortgage.
  • Expedited underwriting process compared to traditional mortgage loans.
  • Tailored loan programs to meet the unique needs of self-employed borrowers.

Eligibility requirements

  • Self-Employment: Borrowers must be self-employed or have income from other non-traditional sources.
  • Bank Statements: Lenders review 12-24 months of personal or business bank statements to assess income stability.
  • Credit History: While credit requirements vary, borrowers must demonstrate a history of responsible credit management.
  • Debt-to-Income Ratio: Lenders evaluate DTI ratios to ensure borrowers can afford the mortgage payments.
  • Reserves: Some lenders may require reserves to cover several months' worth of mortgage payments.


Meet Savannah

Savannah, a freelance graphic designer, chooses a bank statement loan to purchase her first home. With fluctuating income from various clients, she appreciates the flexibility and simplified documentation process offered by this loan type.

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